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August 29

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On the Stage

When Presentation
10:00 am U of M Trivia Contest
11:00 am UTango-University of Minnesota Argentine Tango Club
UTango members love Argentine Tango and want to showcase all the things we love about our club and the dance, and share them with you! We will show off what we learn in class and what we love to go out and do together on Saturday nights ... in other words we will be dancing tango! We will dance improv to a variety of tango music to show what our milongas (late-night tango parties) are typically like as well as showcasing some of our best moves with some choreography and performances by our instructor Eric Li and his partner.
12:00 pm Medical Devices Center
Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellow Laura Paulsen will lead an interactive presentation on how medical devices help the human body. Audience members will have an opportunity to match specific medical devices with their proper location in the human body and suggest the proper function of that device using a life-sized "Operation" game replica. The Medical Devices Center will be featured on the UMN Stage between 12-1pm on Thursday, August 29.
1:00 pm Fencing Club
2:00 pm U Connects/MCAE Stage Stars 2013
In its 9th year the U Connects/MCAE Stage Stars invites all youth to perform their talents. The annual tradition creates energy, excitement and fun. Come visit the stage to be a performer or watch performers. Participants will also learn about the Kids on Campus outreach program that host thousands of youth annually on the University of Minnesota Campus. Also join your host Tex Ostvig in a college trivia contest and win prizes. Every youth is a Star, so come support our 2013 Stage Stars as they share and shine their talents for all to see.
3:00 pm Fencing Club

U of M Building Exhibitors

When Presentation
9am - 3pm Cardiovascular Clinic
Come see human heart specimens and learn about the latest advanced technology at the University of Minnesota for patients with heart disease. We will have live heart pumps running. We anticipate visits from many patients supported by heart pumps and transplants and we will have medical staff on hand to answer questions and teach about cardiology and heart disease. We hope you can join us.
9am - 9pm Zebrafish Core Facility
Zebrafish are a small fresh water fish that are used extensively for biomedical research. At the University of Minnesota Zebrafish Core Facility, fish are used to find cures for leukemia, treatments for spinal cord injuries, the genetic basis of childhood blindness, mechanisms of human lung disease and stem cell research. Stop by to learn more about how these amazing fish might be affecting your life!
9am - 9pm Medical Devices Center
Come see the future of medical device research at the U of M. Experimental Surgical Services, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, The Visible Heart Lab and the Medical Devices Center will be on-site throughout the day. This display will include body part models, rapid prototyped parts and devices, a visible heart demonstration with video showcasing the Atlas of Human Heart Anatomy, a knot-tying/laparoscopic instrument demo and interaction with 3D anatomical models. Talk with experts and find out more about the state-of-the-art research that includes designing, prototyping, and testing new medical devices.
9am - 9pm Gopher Athletics
Visit the Gopher Athletics area to get your 2013-14 Gopher tickets, watch highlights of the 2012-13 season and play some interactive games! Sign up to win two tickets to the Gopher Football Homecoming game vs. Iowa on September 28. Winners will be drawn on September 3 and contacted on September 4. Gopher Athletics Draw String Bag Ticket Specials: Gopher Football Non-Conference Games - $20 tickets Gopher Volleyball vs. Indiana (9/25) or vs. Purdue (9/29) - $10 tickets Gopher Soccer - Minnesota Gold Classic - $10 tickets Gopher Men's Basketball vs. Florida State (12/3) - $20 tickets Gopher Women's Basketball vs. Kansas - $10 tickets *Bags available while supplies last. When bags are gone, new ticket specials will be available!
9am - 3pm Psychology
The Department of Psychology will be presenting information from several of its research labs on topics such as personality neuroscience, brain bases of anti-drug message perception, vision and auditory perception, organizational psychology, and counseling psychology

The Department of Psychology has a long and distinguished history. Our mission comprises three objectives: significant contributions to the basic science of psychology and the applications of that science through creative scholarship, the thorough training of future generations in psychological science and its methods, and service and leadership to the discipline and profession.
9am - 9pm Goldstein Museum of Design
The Goldstein Museum of Design is part of the College of Design. GMD helps students and researchers explore design and designers through exhibitions and a 30,000 piece collection of apparel, textiles, furniture, graphic design, and applied design. Come see photos of this awesome  collection and take home a "Design on a Stick" mini fan!
9am - 3pm GRADE Study
Diabetes is an epidemic today, with more than 25 million people now living with diabetes in the U.S. With a long history of diabetes research and care delivery, the University of Minnesota is home to some of today’s most innovative research and advancements in treatment. Stop by our booth to learn more about Type 2 diabetes and the GRADE Study. If you have Type 2 diabetes, you may qualify to participate in the GRADE Study.
3 - 9pm Masonic Cancer Center
The Masonic Cancer Center will have cancer information booklets, cancer quiz and a human tissue display showing how cancer affects the human body. We will also be sharing information from the Program in Health Disparities Research.